What is NavajoDictionary.com?
NavajoDictionary.com is a Navajo owned education technology company that shares language and literacy resources by subscription. Subscribers get full access to these features:

  1. Dictionary keyword search
  2. Diné words, phrases and expressions
  3. Audio and audio playback
  4. Resources: open in Google Docs
  5. Word of the day and news via email

Can students use NavajoDictionary.com?
Yes—for FREE! A school email is required to register. Submit requests to info@navajodictionary.com

Can you work with our Navajo Language & Culture department?
Teachers can submit vocabulary phrases to info@navajodictionary.com and we publish your phrases with audio. Your students can read and hear their vocabulary on NavajoDictionary.com

Can I subscribe using PayPal?
Yes, subscribe Monthly or Yearly.


Need more questions answered? Email info@navajodictionary.com